Cuisine of Dog Meat

    1. Bosintang (soup)

    Dog Soup is called, Gaejang, Gajangkuk, or Gujang, Gujangaeng, 
Guyoukgeng. It has been called Bosintang from the later part of 1940,but during
the period of the 1988 Olympic games, it was banned to use the name of
Bosintang, so its name was replaced by Youngyangtang, Sacheoltang, 
Mungmungtang. But nowadays, the name of Bosintang is widely used instead
of Youngyangtang. Bosintang is made by boiling dog meat with thin soy paste,
tearing it into pieces, putting ingredients such as green onion, leek, stalk of taro,
brake into broth, and boiling it again to make Bosintang. In Kyungsang
province, to get rid of the smell, perilla purple are put in the soup.  Perilla are
also used for ridding the smell. Taste of perilla is similar to that of dog, and
it becomes a good match to dog meat. Side dishes of dog meat are Kimchi,
fresh peppers,  and cucumbers. Adding a glass of Soju(liquor) enhances the

  The standard amount of ingredients for one portion. 

  (1) Ingredients

    100g of boiled dog meat, 500g of gravy, 20g of green onion, 10g of a leek, 
10g of perilla leaves, 100g of taro stalk soaked in water.

  (2) Sauce

    8g of salt, 2g of mashed garlic, 3g of perilla, 2g of red pepper, 2g of mashed
ginger, a little amount of pepper.

  (3) Cooking instruction

    After boiling the meat with gravy and stalk of taro for some time, boil again
after putting vegetables an d other ingredients into it. Before eating, sprinkle
pepper on it and put into an earthen bowl. The stalk  of taro is to be kept in cold
water one or two days to get rid of its smell and taste. 

Bosintang Picture

   2. Jeongol (boiled dog meat mixed with spices and vegetables)

    Eat while boiling to boil down some of the soup. Add lots of dog meat and
ingredients. Vegetables such as dropwort, perilla leaves, green onion and other
ingredients such as garlic, pepper, and red  pepper are put in. It can be served
for a side dish with Soju (liquor) or for eating boiled rice. After eating, boiled
 rice can be mixed with the remaining soup.

    The standard amount of ingredients for one portion. 

  (1) Ingredients

    200g of boiled dog meat, 150g of gravy, 50g of green onion, 50g of leek, 40g
of dropwort, 20g of perilla

  (2) Sauce

    3g of salt, 5g of perilla, 10g of mashed garlic, 2g of red pepper, a little amount
 of pepper.

  (3) Cooking Instructions

    Eat while boiling the soup, dog meat, gravy, vegetables and other ingredients
in a pan. If it is excessively boiled, the color of vegetables can be changed, 
deteriorating the taste of the soup. So once it is boiled, cooking over a weak fire,
begin eating.

 Jeongol Picture

  3. Suyuk(a boiled dog meat)

  Suyuk is eaten with specific ingredients or salt. Add heat to the meat by boiling
water or steam for prevention from cooling down. Ingredients are to be made of
the mixture of soy bean paste with perilla, and one can eat the dog meat with the
addition of salt or these ingredients and wrapping it with perilla and lettuce.
Eating it with mildly-boiled leek is common. When eating Suyuk, Soju(liquor) is
usually accompanied by for its taste.

  The standard amount of ingredients for one portion. 

  (1) Ingredients

    200g of boiled dog meat, 50g of gravy, 1g of salt, 1g of garlic, a little amount
of pepper, leek, perilla leaves

  (2) Sauce

    It can be enjoyed at one's taste with the addition of mixture of soy bean
paste, sesame oil, perilla oil, or with salt on it. 

  (3) Cooking instructions

    Put dog meat and gravy and ingredients into pan, and steam it with a weak
fire, eat with sauce. One can eat with boiled-leek. Perilla powder, perilla oil,
mustard, vinegar are to be added to the sauce.

Suyuk Picture

  4. Duruchigi (mixture with seasonings)

  It is a food made by mixing dog meat with seasonings and vegetables, and
boiling and roasting them. When eating Duruchigi, Soju(liquor) is usually
accompanied for its taste.

  The standard amount of ingredients for one portion.  

  (1) Ingredients

    200g of boiled dog meat, 20ml of gravy, 50g of green onion, 50g of leek, 40g
of dropwort, 20g of perilla  leave, a little pepper, 5g of perilla oil, 1g of salt, 2g of
mashed garlic, 2g of mashed ginger, 2g of red pepper

  (2)  Cooking instructions

    Put gravy and vegetables into heated pan and roast them, and after vegetables
become softened, put dog meat and ingredients into the pan and mix them. If it
is not salty enough, dip in the sauce.

 Duruchigi Picture

 5. Dogmeat Food developed by Professor Ann

 Digested dogmeat : Dogmeat hydrolyzed by protease
 Dogmeat powder : Digested dog meat powder
 Dogmeat extract : Water extract of digested dogmeat and medical ingredient
 Dogmeat wine : Wine of wax gourd and digested dogmeat fermented by yeast
 Dogmeat vinegar : Vinegar of wax gourd and digested dogmeat fermented by
 Dogmeat red pepper paste : Red pepper paste fermented with the addition of
         digested dogmeat
 Dogmeat soy bean paste : Soy bean paste fermented with the addition of
         digested dogmeat
 Dogmeat soy sauce : Soy sauce fermented with the addition of digested
 Dogmeat-red pepper paste pickle : Dogmeat pickled in red pepper paste
 Dogmeat Kimchi : Kimchi fermented with the addition of digested dogmeat
 Dog intestine sausage : Dog intestine into which blood of dog, vegetable and
         dogmeat are stuffed
 Dogmeat can : Canned dogmeat
 Dogmeat noodle : Noodle with the addition of digested dogmeat
 Dogmeat Chinese noodles : Chinese noodle with the addition of digested
 Dogmeat puree : Puree with the addition of digested dogmeat
 Dogmeat soup : Soup with the addition of digested dogmeat
 Dogmeat beverage :  Beverage of the dilution of digested dogmeat
 Dogmeat mayonnaise : Mayonnaise from vinegar, digested dogmeat, oil and
 Dog oil mayonnaise : Mayonnaise from vinegar, dog oil and egg
 Dogmeat ketchup : Ketchup from the mixture of digested dogmeat, tomato
 Dogmeat bread : Bread with the addition of digested dogmeat
 Dogmeat cooky : Cooky with the addition of digested dogmeat
 Dogmeat hamburger : Hamburger pad made of dogmeat
 Dogmeat cutlet : Cutlet made of dogmeat
 Dogmeat ham : Ham made of dogmeat
 Dogmeat sausage : Sausage made of dogmeat
 Dogmeat cosmetics : Cream, essence and emulsion made from dog oil

Dogmeat-Food Picture
Dogmeat-Hamburger, Cooky ang Bread Picture
Dog Oil-Csmetics Picture 

 6.  Dogmeat hamburger restaurant in Korea

 Address: Renoir  Restaurant,  143-5  Songpa-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul.
 Tel: (02) 421-6345
 Menu: dog meat hamburger, dogmeat cutlet, dogmeat meatball, dogmeat soup