The French consumption of dog meat

  Anmial rights advocate, Bridgette Bardot, said, Koreans who eat dog meat are barbarians' over the phone during talks with MBC radio host on December 3rd, 2001. Seok-Hee Shon asked, "Do you know the fact that there are French who eat dog meat?" And she said, "Absolutely not." "And she said further, "I can't talk any longer with Koreans who lie," and she hung up the phone. So, professor, Yong-Geun Ann at Chungcheong College proved her statement of the French not eating dog meat to be a lie, writing an article in The Jungangilbo (Dec. 6th, 2001) stating the French ate dog meat during the Frenco-Prussian War, presenting documents from butcher shops in France in the 1870s, and a photo (from a French book) showing the opening of a dog meat butcher's in France.The following are the materials showing that the French ate dog meat.

Mallher and Denis: The report, 'Dog(Le Chien, Animal de Boucherie, 1989)', said that the French ate dog meat during the periods of famine and war, and in French Polynesia, half of the aboriginal yellow-furred dogs were 
consumed as skewered meat during the national holiday, July 14th

Meniel(1987): A study on the tribe of the Gaulois, ancestor of the French shows that the bones of dog which had been killed to be eaten were  found in the tombs of their ancestors(1, 2).

Perez and Grenouilloux: In the relics of the middle Hendons, the bones of dogs' legs were excavated(1, 2).

Romi: In 1870, when Paris was under siege, at butcher's shops, people lined up to buy dog meat, and the article of a news service said, 'Its taste is as delicious as beef if cooked, with the addition of sauce, and its color is pink, which is beautiful and light'(3).

Ainsi Charles Laurent(1970): 'Everything on Dog' (Le Grand Livre du Chien) shows that during the Franco-Prussian War, there were butcher's of dog, cat, mouse, and at a dog-selling market in Saint-Honore street, dog meat was sold by the kilogram. And not a dog could be seen on the street (1,2).

Gustave Flaubert(1862): Book, Salammbô said 'The table is full of  meat.  - Unforgettable Kalutago meat made of pink colored dog which was fattened with peach and dregs of olive(4).

Montseret: In 1870, when Paris was under siege, the poet Montseret is said to have eaten the meat of a black-furred poodle when he was invited by the playwriter, Barriére(3).

Vitcor Hugo: In 1870, when Paris was under siege, he wrote, 'cat, dog and devil, all things were thrown into bowels like Noah's Ark in our bowels(3).

Macintyre: When Paris was under siege by Prussian army in 1870, at the time of  Franco-Prussian War, more than 60,000 dogs and cats  were boiled together and eaten, and also all the animals in zoo were eaten(5).

Culinary Book of Dog:  In the 1870,  dozens of  culinary books for dog meat were published in French in France.

Le monde illustration: In April, 1871, The Illustration shows an  illustration of people lining up to buy dog and cat meat at the shops in the market (6).

Picture: 1871's Illustration of butcher's shop of dog meat at Rochechuart,
            Mont Martre in Paris

Dog's leather: In the 19th century, bag pipes were made of dog's leather,  in the area of Poitou, boots made with dog's leather were being made until 1950s (4).

Antonio Daveluy(1817-1866): Frenchman, 5th generation, chief pastor of  the Chosun parish in Korea enjoyed dog meat(2).

Claude Charles Dalallet: French missionary said in the Chosun church chronicles(1874) 'In Chosen, there is no mutton, instead, there is dog meat,  saying that the taste isn't bad' (2).

Se-Hwa, Hong: It is said that after the Franco-Prussian War, in the Paris  Commun(the revolt of socialists),  people in Paris ate dog meat and cat as well (7).

1'ABCdaire du Chien: Around 1910, there were butcher's shop selling dog meat in Paris(4).

PictureA placard showing the emergence of butcher's selling dog meat
           around 1910 in Paris.

Marvin Heris(1985): In Tahiti in Polynesia, which belongs to France, dogs were raised and killed to be eaten from long ago. In Polynesia  there were no  herbivores, and dog replaced them. Dogs were not used for hunting game as game didn't exist there. The worth of dog is much higher in providing meat than in living. To fatten dogs up, dog's back was pressed down tightly, with it in no movement and dog was fed with fish, vegetable paste, and vegetables. Vegetable-fed dog meat was admired for its flavor. The dog's muzzle was tied, and it was strangled by hand, or with a stick. And it was disemboweled, washed, and hairs were removed by fire. Dog meat was basted with blood put in the shel of a coconut, and baked in an earthen oven. Dog meat was such good food that it had to be offered to the deities. Priests killed dogs in public occasions, brought the dog meat after a sacrificial rite to their homes for their family. It was only priests and nobility who enjoyed dog meat. Woman and children were not allowed to eat dog meat, but after the ceremony the common brought leftover furtively to their family. Males in Maurio tribe brought dog meat to their wives who wanted to eat it during their pregnancy(8).

Nowadays: People are said to eat dog somewhere in the northern part in  Paris. Also, it is said that some eat dog meat in Paris, and the one who can cook dog meat is proud of his/her cooking, and those who can eat dog meat think it good, and enjoy it. Most dog meat is said to be steamed like chicken, which is called sate(9).  Now  not a few  French in Korea  enjoy dog meat.


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